Tuesday, 4 June 2019

How to Perfect Your Makeup Routine, No Matter the Season
I don’t think any girl would underestimate the time, money, and endless sample swatching it takes to build the perfect makeup routine. And just when you get it right, the seasons change, your skin changes and you’re forced back to the drawing board. *sigh* 

The secret to success is finding a routine of products that is adaptable to the seasons, and will look totally flawless rain, hail or shine.

This is what you should consider!

Know Your Skin
Generally, we all know our skin type. Whether you’re oily, combination, dry or sensitive. However, if you’re anything like me you may find the changing seasons can leave your skin in the midst of a minor identity crisis. For me, my usually dry skin becomes oily in the T-zone during the warmer months and I break out a great deal more!

No one wants to have to switch up their entire skincare and makeup routine every season. The secret is finding products that are adaptable to the changing seasons and for us, minerals are the best-kept secret.

Applying a mineral foundation, such as our Active Mineral Powder Foundation using a dense kabuki brush helps mattify oily skin, but you already knew that. What you perhaps didn't realise is that it can also work great for dry skin. Especially if you find that liquid foundation always disappear into your pores hours after applying.

Look for Skin-Saving Benefits
Your poor skin goes through A LOT when the season's change but what it needs, generally stays the same. Dry skin? Nutrients, anti-oxidants and hydration. Oily skin? Yep, nutrients, anti-oxidants and hydration. Combination? I think you get the gist.

Whatever the product, whether it be makeup or skincare, you should always look for skin-saving benefits that will replenish, restore and revitalise your skin no matter the time of year.

Our Superfood HIIT Serum combines some seriously powerful natural ingredients to ensure your skin never goes hungry – check it out here! 

Water-Proof and Sweat-Proof

Whether it’s your sweat, or Mother’s Nature’s sky-sweat (aka rain) moisture can destroy a perfectly applied face in a flash. 

The easiest way to avoid the melting makeup and panda eyes is to invest in products that are water-resistant. And trust us, you won’t need to sacrifice quality or finish. There are some great options out there!

For example, all of our products, whether it be brows, mascara, or foundation are 100% sweat-proof. This means that until you’re washing your face, or removing it with a cleansing oil, your makeup will stay put, and more importantly, stay flawless.

Keep It Sun-Smart

It’s 2019, I shouldn’t need to remind you to wear sun protection EVERY DAY. No matter the weather, UV rays are present all year round, especially for our girls in Oz!

SPF may not sound sexy, but it’s anti-aging and cancer-preventing benefits sure are. Always try to pick products that contain a natural SPF, just like our Active Mineral Powder Foundation. Because makeup will look better on healthy, even-toned skin and skin health should always be your top priority. 

Fitcover's products are not only sweat-proof, but they’re also totally season proof. Whether it be winter, summer, autumn or spring, Fitcover is here to leave your skin glowing and glorious.

Don't believe me? Just read our reviews.

If you asked me to list each and every benefit of exercise, well, where would I start...THERE'S SO MANY!

Getting our body moving and breaking a sweat regularly has many benefits well beyond earning that six-pack and perfectly toned legs – it's great for your mental health!

At Fitcover, we are big believers that a healthy mind is just as (if not more) important than a fit body. That's why we are here to serve you with four awesome mental benefits of exercising regularly!

Mood-Boosting Chemicals

Exercising isn't merely strengthening our muscles and joints, it also triggers physical reactions in the brain. When we exercise our brain releases 'feel-good' chemicals in our brain, like endorphins and serotonin that boost our mood. 

Sometimes you don't feel too great WHILE you're working out, but keep going because you'll be rewarded with a delightful dose of happiness post-workout. You can't see it, but trust us you'll feel it!

Improves Your Sleep Quality 

Getting 8 hours of sound, quality sleep is sometimes easier said than done. 

If you're someone who really struggles to 'shut-off' at night, and counting sheep has proved fruitless thus far, you may want to give working out a go.

Exercise helps us relive pent up energy allowing us to slip into deep sleep easier. Why is this good? Well, deep sleep helps boost immune function, support cardiac health, and control stress and anxiety. Simply said, the more deep sleep hours you clock up overnight, the better you will feel both mentally and physically the next day. 

Time with Friends 

If you're going through a hard time you don't need to do it alone! 

Exercising with friends is a great way to forget about your problems, or work through them with your bestie. There's nothing better than a long afternoon walk, or quick park HIIT sesh, or yoga class with a good friend to help you forget about your problems and remember what's important. 

Oh and the benefits of exercise? That's just a bonus! 

A Wonderful Distraction 

If nothing else, exercise will at the very least serve as a great distraction from negative thoughts! 

When we are feeling down the last thing we should do is mope around, scrolling on our phone, feeling sorry for ourselves. Physical benefits aside, getting out of the house, away from social media and sweating up a serious storm is a great way to banish negative thoughts and clear your mind.

Do you want to know why mental health is on our mind? As you may have seen already, we have joined the #GiveItAwayInMay campaign.

What Does #GiveItAwayInMay Involve? 

It's quite simple really. For the month of May, you choose to 'give away' a negative behaviour to help raise awareness for mental health. 

So far we've seen people giving away sadness, negative self-criticism and social media after 9pm. 
It's all about recognising the small behaviours and habits that have a significant impact on our mental state...and letting them go!

Why? You ask. 

I originally wrote this blog to support our #GiveItAwayInMay campaign in collaboration with Australian charity, I Am Worthmore but we believe checking in on your friends, family and self shouldn't be isolated to one day or month.

We cannot press enough on just how important it is to look after your mental health. We want women to live their best, most active lives by replacing behaviours that tear us down, with those that will lift us up! 

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