Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Stop Polluting Your Body And Mind

Understanding that the human body and mind is a machine that needs to be treated with respect and some amount of delicacy is an important and first point on the journey towards preserving it, to enable it to always function at its optimum.

Whatever the body and mind take in, either good or bad is what the same body and mind will churn out, therefore making a conscious effort to observe and discern this will eventually put forth startlingly beneficial results.

When a person is hungry the instinctive thing to do would be to satisfy that hunger by feeding it. Today of course the easiest way to do this is to reach for the nearest fast food or snack that though is fulfilling at the time, is almost definitely unhealthy.

Understanding that this action is not only damaging but is also a form of polluting the body should encourage the person to seek other and more healthier alternatives.

Keeping healthy snacks at hand such as certain nuts, yogurt, fruits or fruit bars will help resist the urge to turn to fast foods. The healthier snacks not only benefit the body it also helps to keep the unwanted weight gain at bay.

Keeping occupied is also another way to maintain a healthy body and mind state. However choosing to stay occupied the healthy way is also something that should be considered.

Playing games, reading, spending time with family, playing with pets, going on a nature hike, swimming and the list goes on. The main thing to try and do is to be outside enjoying nature as much as possible rather than staying indoors doing something that requires very little interaction, movement or thinking.

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