Thursday, 4 January 2018

Fitness: Barefoot running? Really?

Another craze that has taken off alongside the whole functional movement… movement… is that of barefoot running.

Barefoot running means taking off your shoes before going jogging, normally through a rural environment of trails that challenge you to jump over ditches and dodge around roots and stones. When you do this, your toes are able to splay across the ground that prevents you from falling over or twisting your ankle while simultaneously letting you use the small muscles in your foot to propel yourself forward.

Barefoot running should be able to help you improve your gait as well, by forcing you to land with the ball of your foot when you land. This cushions your fall more than hitting the floor with your heel first (as most of us do) and allows the leg to bend like a leopard’s, in the food, in the ankle, in the knee and at the hip.

Of course barefoot running doesn’t always mean going completely bare footed as that wouldn’t be very wise anywhere were you could step on glass or sharp stones. Instead, you can use barefoot shoes like the Vibram Five Fingers. These offer pockets for your toes, allowing them to move freely but also offering just enough protection to keep you safe.

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